Engineering Research Project

Welcome to the Farnsworth 7th grade resource page for creating your Engineering Textbook project.

Directions: You and your group members are responsible for creating the textbook for your chosen engineering career.

The requirements for the project are below:

1. You must pick a career in the engineering field for your textbook and give it a title.

2. Each member of the group must produce at least one sample chapter for your text. The chapters only need to be 1-2 pages long each including any pictures, charts, diagrams etc.

3. You need to have at least three paragraphs of text for each chapter. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence, supporting sentences and a concluding sentence.

4. You must use at least two sources in your Informational text and cite them using MLA style parenthetical notation. You need at least two quotes and two examples of paraphrasing.

5. Your word choice must be neutral and unbiased. Use no words with strong connotative meanings either positive or negative.

6. Each person must contribute at least 2 informational text features in your textbook, excluding the cover.

7. You need a cover.

8. Complete the Planning Guide/Proposal  before you begin to work.

9. Make sure you have read the requirements carefully and have paid especially close attention to the bolded words above.

The planning guide can be found here.

If you are looking for your own sources and don’t know if they are good enough, use this Evaluating a Website Checklist.

Resources Different Engineering Careers

(click on the links to be directed to the resources for that type of engineering)


Overview       Famous Person     Education   Inventions: Orion Reused




Overview (1, 2)       Famous Person: Luther Burbank, George Washington Carver, John Deere     Education: Schools, Classes     Inventions: Top 10, Timeline





Overview       Famous Person     Education     Inventions





Overview       Famous Person: Philo T. Farnsworth (1, 2)     Education     Inventions





Overview       Famous Person: Othmar Hermann Ammann     Education     Inventions





Overview       Famous Person: Dennis Weatherby     Education     Inventions: New Finger Printing Compound, FiberFix better than duct tape?





Overview       Famous Person: Jean Hsu     Education     Inventions





Overview       Famous Person: Rudolf Diesel, Cornelis Drebbel,      Education     Inventions





Overview (2)      Famous Person: Otto Hahn     Education     Inventions

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