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Space Day 2012

We had a great end to the school year with Space Day!

Ms. Parker’s and Ms. Gilbertson’s classes made lunar landers.  The students’ goal was to create a lunar lander that would keep the astronauts (2 large marshmellows) inside without putting anything over the top of the cup.  The landers were dropped 1st from 12 inches, then 1 meter, and then as from increasing heights until we got to the ceiling of the classroom.

Some great pics of the lunar landers from Ms. G’s classes:

Here are some great examples of finished lunar landers.

Gina and Fermin working on stabilization.

Jimmy and Stephan working on shock absorbers.

What a great day!  There were many teams that should probably write apology letters to the families of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong for allowing the two of them (the marshmellow representations of them anyway) fall out of their cockpits to their deaths, but we all had a fun time doing the activity.