Official Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson treated our students very well. Despite his “no photo” policy, he acquiesced to Alex and Wes. Here are the official pics from the event photographer. Thank you to Beth El Synogogue for hosting this fabulous event and inviting us to be a part of it. We learned to “get over” Pluto no longer being a planet, and WHY we needed to. We learned that labels are limiting and we shouldn’t let people corner us into them. He was funny and made science fun for even non-science enthusiasts.

With Jamie and Gemma

With Jamie and Gemma






The Leader Board is UP!

Welcome to the 2014 edition of the Ender’s Game 8th grade competition. Students are once again divided into teams that are competing for the rest of the school year.  How do you win? Your team should be on time with your materials, have your homework done, and refrain from distracting other teams. You can also help your team’s progress by doing your best on the homework and participating appropriately during discussions. The standings as of the first week were:

lb1 lb2

Farnsworth Meets Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Tonight, 20 some students from Farnsworth Aerospace, along with some of their teachers and some additional students from Johnson High School, had the honor of listening to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson speak at the Beth El Synagogue in St.Louis Park.

Dr. Tyson signing books and programs for Alex and Wes.

Dr. Tyson signing books and programs for Alex and Wes.

Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops in Action

Ms.G’s sixth grade Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop are working hard!

Reading our SSR books.

Reading our SSR books.

After finishing the writing of their Literary Compare and Contrast essays, students typed them up in the computer lab.  New tip for this week: create shared folders in Google Drive so that all the documents/presentations they have in that folder get shared with the same group of people (including teachers) instead of typing in the names to share each document individually.

Students helping each other with typing and editing.

Students helping each other with typing and editing.

Congratulations Science Quiz Bowl Team!

After a VERY long and grueling day at the University of St. Thomas, our Team 1 for the Regional Science Quiz Bowl tournament took 4th place out of 24 teams. Taken out in the last elimination round before the championship match by one of the Wayzata teams, our students made a valiant effort. Thank you to Mr. Spainhour for coaching Team 1, to all of the parents that brought their kids and many that stayed to watch. Thank you also to the students on Team 2 that stayed to encourage their friends on Team 1. A great day for Farnsworth Aerospace!

The double elimination bracket. Losing our first, but fairly dominant on the 1st lost side.

The double elimination bracket. Losing our first, but fairly dominant on the 1st lost side.

qb in action

Team 1 getting ready to start competition.

qb team 1

Both teams L to R: Ms. G, Isabel Patrick Pacheco, Kia Lockhart, Ge Thao, Kang Zoua Her, Dominic Wolters, Nuhchi Chah, Dineth Altmann, Vincent Richards, and Mr. Spainhour

What to do with a “Freeze Day” off from school…

Governor Dayton has cancelled school for Monday, January 6th due to the forecast. Wondering what to do with your extra day off from school? This is a perfect time to check out some new reading materials. Check out an audio book from Audible, which is run by Amazon. You could also check out many of the free online web comics. Here is one of my favorites (Order of the Stick), and a few new ones I found this afternoon.

Order of the Stick by Rich Berlew

The Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske


Dream Keepers by David Lillie


The Secret In The Cellar by the Smithsonian


What is YOUR story?

Check out the resource page under the 8th grade tab Narrative Analysis resources. These include pdf versions of the stories from our textbook as well as the final project directions with rubric.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 10.31.42 PM

Get your resources here!

For 7th graders creating your text book project for English class, this is your one stop shop for resources.

For the project requirements and rubric, click here.

For sources that you can use for research, click here and then click on the links for your topic.

For help with in-text citations click here.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Congratulations to the class of 2017. Good luck to you in high school!

4 Square with Mr. Homelund

4 Square with Mr. Homelund

IMAG0384Minute to Win It: Baby Rattle with some 5th graders out for recess.




Dancing with Mrs. Norrie

Ender’s Game Trailer is here!

After much anticipation, the official trailer for the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game is here. Shall be interesting. They combined the books Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow to create this movie. We’ll see how that works out.